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For fuck the world

700 1 year ago
A young nigga screamin' fuck the world and let 'em die Behind tints, tryna' duck the world and smokin' rie Got my bandanna 'round my head and pants to my feet And got my eyes fire red and glock on my seat. I'm tryna' stay under intoxication 'Cause I lost my father and got a daughter, plus I'm on probation I'm drinkin' liquor like it's water, gettin' pissy drunk And stayin' away from them lil' broads that tryin' to give me some. I keep a chopper in the trunk and my heat on my waste line Duckin' the law, 'cause I ain't tryna' do no fed time Sometimes I just wish I could be away But I gotta take care of everything and keep macita straight. So I just maintain the struggle and I keep tryin' But how can I when my closest people keep dyin' I ain't lyin' that the law tryna' bust my clique But I scream "Fuck the world, man, I'm too young for this".
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What the Fuck Are We Meant to Do with Our Lives When We're Told the World Is Ending?

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Songtext von Hollywood Undead - Fuck the World Lyrics

It's become commonplace to say that we, as "young people", have no future. We blame the shocking unemployment levels, we blame the Lib Dems' collaboration in the benign Vichy coalition we live under, we blame the baby boomers who are refusing to bequeath their wealth to the generation beneath them, we blame Thatcher for creating a society of bored and broken service industry workers whose jobs are constantly under threat. And we're right to. I fully agree that these problems have sent everyone a bit mad, forcing us into a fruitless, childless existence that we can only escape with drinking games, Tesco Finest meals, cheap flights, gut-rotting drugs and shit games on our phones. But what is our generation going to do when the shit really hits the fan? God was going to kill us. Then the devil was going to kill us.
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I feel like this a lot, the world is fucking shit. If you're lucky and born in to a "rich" country you work to make some greedy fuck richer than they ever need to be and live a somewhat comfortable life for 2 of the 7 days a week you aren't a wage slave. If you are unlucky and are born in a 3rd world country you drink dirty water barely have any food and will be lucky to get past your teenage years before dying of somthing stupid like diarrhea. Post a Comment.
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Testo Fuck the World powered by Musixmatch. Fuck the World testo. I wanna fuck the world I'm gonna make it hurt I'll stand here all alone I'm gonna watch it burn I wanna fuck the world I'm gonna make it hurt I'll stand here all alone I'm gonna watch it burn I just wanna bleach you, and I just wanna eat you And tear your soul out until I fucking defeat you The end is just a preview 'cause you to me are see-through You're choking on the ash, at last, you can't continue What if I told you that we're already dead? And what if I said you can't outrun the spread? I got one foot forward as I'm moving ahead So just open up your arms and drink the dread Embrace the kiss of death while you're holding on your chest And you're burning from the bullets as you're gasping for breath Unless you join us in the fight with the dove on your crest Then we will march into the night, we're the few, we're the blessed I was an outcast, I'm heaven's mistake So now I'm standing at the foot of the fiery gates An eternal invitation, so I'm already late But I wanna watch it burn, so the devil can wait I wanna fuck the world I'm gonna make it hurt I'll stand here all alone I'm gonna watch it burn I wanna fuck the world I'm gonna make it hurt I'll stand here all alone I'm gonna watch it burn.

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