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How to say fuck the world

346 1 year ago
It is human nature to want to be liked and accepted, hence the insane pursuit of conformity. But you can make a conscious effort to stop giving a damn; to let yourself free. Once you truly understand how to let go, you will see the world from an entirely different perspective. The world is constantly telling you that everything you are not is what makes you happy. When you stop giving a damn about what people think, your self-confidence will definitely shoot through the roof faster than you can ever imagine. The more you desperately want to be like someone else, the more unworthy you feel.
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Holy cow! 100 alternatives to saying 'f*ck'

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Life Gets (A Lot) Better When You Stop Giving A F**k | HuffPost Life

Syfy's fantasy series The Magicians , based on the books by Lev Grossman, tells the story of a group of twentysomething grad students who practice magic or try to, at least — this season is about their quest to restore magic to the universe. While they study, they also rule over the magical land of Fillory, have sex, get into relationships, get drunk, try to avoid death, and sometimes fight bitterly over the right choices to make. In other words, they are people who might use the word "fuck" a lot. And they always have — but until its third season, which premiered on Jan. Syfy is a basic cable channel, which means that unlike premium cable HBO, Showtime, Starz , it is supported by advertising, and has a Standards and Practices division that decides what is acceptable to air on the channel.
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Mind your language! Swearing around the world

Graphic artist Sneha Keshav doesn't necessarily dislike swearing, but she is fascinated by how saying the word "fuck" has affected our vocabulary. The idea is to not as much eliminating the word but adding fun alternatives to one's arsenal of colorful language," said Keshav to Mashable. SVA had their own version of Michael Beirut's " Days Project ," a graphic design challenge that asks participants to create one thing for days straight. I thought the days project would be a great opportunity to play around with typography with no restrictions or design brief," she said. Keshav was also inspired by another Instagram artist, project1in4, who champions mental health awareness through minimal sketches.
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Melanie is a social media hyper-user, a viral writer, and an expert on internet culture. She has been writing online since FTW has several meanings in the online world, so the chances are that you've seen this term floating around somewhere on the Internet.

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Gardakus 1 year ago
Great opening, promising setup, winding buildup, then she starts saying shiiiit long and slow, repeatedly....hasn't anyone involved with this the sense to instruct the young actor on what word to avoid? What a mood-killer...ruined an otherwise hot scene. Where's Paul Thomas when you need him?
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